The Sustainable Mobility Advisory Panel is a Citizen Advisory Panel to the City of Greater Sudbury Council. Advisory Panels are established by resolution of Council for the purpose of providing advice, information and expertise to the municipality.


To assist staff and Council in implementing a vision for a holistic approach to a multi-model transportation system where citizens can walk, cycle and/or use public transit efficiently and safely to get to their destinations.

Primary Objectives:

  • To assist staff, Council and community partners in implementing the recommendations made within the Sustainable Mobility Plan and the Bicycle Master Plan;
  • To advocate for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users;
  • To advocate for non-motorized transportation requirements within Greater Sudbury’s Official Plan;
  • To advocate for Greater Sudbury’s policies affecting pedestrians, cyclists and transit users; and to develop recommendations to encourage sustainable mobility;
  • To promote walking and cycling as an important part of a healthy community;
  • To advocate recommendations for walking/cycling infrastructure.


The Sustainable Mobility Plan has recommendations on Infrastructure, Policy, and Education.



To coincide with the term of Council to November 30, 2018.

Our meetings are open to the public.  Meeting times, meeting notes and resources are available on this website.  Subcommittees meet as necessary.



Currently, we have the following subcommittees:

Infrastructure:  The infrastructure subcommittee is reviewing cycling routes proposed in the draft Transportation Study; providing recommendations on priority cycling routes; and providing input on active transportation infrastructure in upcoming road projects.

Policy:  The policy subcommittee is providing input on the draft Transportation Study.

Transit:  The Transit subcommittee is providing input on improvements to transit.