– Develop and promote education and awareness programs for both pedestrians and motorists
–  Develop a user-friendly “Transportation” page on the City of Greater Sudbury website to include links to all forms of transportation information
– Conduct educational blitzes at high-profile intersections in the City
– Develop a “Cycling in Greater Sudbury” wayfinding map outlining designated routes and information
– Promote transit as a healthier transportation choice both for individual and environmental health
Promote transit as a convenient and affordable transportation choice
– Ensure that all policies related to combining active transportation with public transit are laid out in the Greater Sudbury Rider Guide and Transit website so that the public is aware of these policies
–  Sensitivity training for Sudbury Transit employees to encourage ridership and ensure that using Transit is a pleasant experience for all socio-economic & age groups
– Educate the public as to how the ”Built Environment” and where they choose to live affects their travel choices, physical health and lifestyle