– Construct, improve, and maintain sidewalk and pathway networks in all seasons
– Construct, improve, and maintain crosswalks
– Build pedestrian refuge islands and medians
– Install countdown crosswalk signals at all signalized intersections by 2015
– Implement traffic calming to ensure the safety of all road users
– Build pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in all new developments
– Traffic signals that allow appropriate time for all users to cross streets
– Complete Junction Creek Waterway Park by 2015
– Implement Bicycle Route Network
– Expand the Rack and Roll transit program to all buses by 2015
– Enforce Bicycle Parking By-Law to ensure proper bicycle parking at all major employment, retail, and education centers, and all city-owned facilities
– Pave shoulders on all major arterial roads
– Develop and install a detailed wayfinding scheme for transit with mounted schedules and displays at major destinations, hubs and stops
– Ensure  adequate and secure bicycle parking or storage at transit terminal
– Ensure maintenance and snow clearing of transit stops in high traffic pedestrian areas
– Improve access to transit stops: build sidewalks/pathways and pedestrian crossings in areas with few or no controlled pedestrian crossing signals
– Expand the system of bus shelters
– install Interac direct payment machine at transit terminal
– Upgrade the connection between Bell Park and the Downtown core
– Ensure connections to all new developments
– Implement the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) lens as a planning tool for site plans, subdivisions and re-zoning applications