Space required to transport 60 people
– Complete Streets
– Transportation Demand Management
– Sidewalk Priority Index
– Crossing Priority/Pedestrian Index
– Mandatory identification of required infrastructure during development approval process
– Pedestrian crossing studies
– Consultation with Rainbow Routes Association
– Bicycle Route Plan and Classification System
– Priority Indexing System for cycling
– Traffic Calming policy that ensures safety of all users
– Pedestrian, cycling and transit infrastructure on all new road development
– Mandatory bicycle parking standards
– Bicycle Parking Zoning By-Law
– By-Law prohibiting motor vehicles in bike lanes or paths
– Wide, paved shoulders on all major arterials to outlying communities
– New transit stroller policy
– CGS Transit user on Greater Sudbury Transit Committee
– Accessible public transportation for low income transit users and families
– Priority maintenance and snow removal standards for high use transit stops
– Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design audits
– Mixed use neighbourhoods and buildings
– Mixed use development clusters
– Drive-through infrastructure prohibited adjacent to high pedestrian traffic intersections and/or transit stops
– Sidewalk priority index: sidewalks on both sides of major arterial roads
– Public Plaza program