Here is some of what we are doing right now:

  • The infrastructure subcommittee is reviewing cycling routes proposed in the draft Transportation Study; providing recommendations on priority cycling routes; and providing input on active transportation infrastructure in upcoming road projects.
  • The policy subcommittee is providing input on the draft Transportation Study.
  • The Transit subcommittee is providing input on improvements to transit.
  • Members are collecting ideas for educational campaigns, and resources on sustainable mobility.


Here are some of the accomplishments from the last term of SMAP:

  • Stroller policy – recommending and supporting a policy that allows caregivers to keep their children in their stroller on the bus
  • Bike racks:  an inventory of accessible and useable bicycle racks; research on best bike racks (installed at TDS)
  • Recommending and supporting the implementation of reduced speed limits around primary and secondary schools (speed limits are now 40km/hr in designated school areas on all residential and collector roads)
  • Education campaigns including safe cycling and walking messages; bus pass tax credits; promoting cycling, walking, and transit as a healthy mode of travel;  improvements to transit website; commuter challenge.
  • Advocating for a budget line for cycling infrastructure in the municipal budget.